I guess I have been thinking in code since my early childhood but didn't know it at the time. It all changed when I got my first computer (ZX Spectrum, Commodore64's pal) at the age of 11. This is when I realized my destiny. I have been coding since 11 and 24 years later still enjoy it immensely despite the fact that I've been taking managerial positions for the past 10 years.

I feel happy cooking responsive web apps & services using PHP, Python, Go, Node.js, React and even Elm as ingredients. Occasionally I might even deliver a swift iOS or Android app.

Usually, my meals are served with a delicious Ansible sauce. Whenever I run out of it I might use Kubernetes & Docker to spice things up.

In my off-screen time, I enjoy hiking, lifting weights, and (you guessed!) flying an aircraft.

I have strong analytic skills, 110% responsibility for what I do and passion to exploring, learning and creating. I love learning!

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to ask me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!